The New Year is Here and There’s no Better Time to Submit for MIPS 

As a CMS certified registry, HCIS is here to accept your submission data for MIPS 2022. Here’s what you need to know: 

MIPS Eligibility

If a clinician does not exceed all three of the low-volume threshold criteria, they may still choose to voluntarily participate in MIPS in order to receive feedback on their performance but will not receive any payment or payment adjustment. Additionally, if a clinician exceeds at least one of the three criteria they may elect to opt-in and be eligible for a positive adjustment. You can see the full eligibility chart here.

Clinicians are encouraged to submit their data before the official CMS deadline.  It is suggested to complete your submission by March 15th, so that any errors can be corrected in time for the official March 31st deadline. 

Reporting Timeline

The MIPS Reporting Timeline is structured as follows:

  1. Performance – Now that the 2022 calendar year is over, your practice should record quality data and how technology was used to support the practice throughout 2022. 
  1. Submit Data – To earn a positive MIPS adjustment, submit data to the HCIS Registry about the care provided and how the practice used technology in 2022. 
  1. Feedback – CMS will provide feedback reports about performance after data is submitted, before the start of the payment year. 
  1. Payment – Practices with sufficient performance in 2022 will receive their positive MIPS payment adjustment in 2024. 

More Information

HCIS offers resources and information to help make your MIPS submission process as smooth as possible. Remember that submitting to MIPS is required if you are an eligible clinician or practice, we encourage you to prepare with further tips and guidance from our previous blogs: