Ways to Report for MIPS 

Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting can earn your office thousands of dollars in incentive payments, or cost it thousands in penalties. Navigating all the rules surrounding MIPS isn’t easy, especially since they change annually. 

HCIS has been a CMS Qualified Registry since the start of the MIPS 2017 program. The registry has provided MIPS submission and consulting services to more than 10,000 clinicians. Read on to learn about the different ways you can report your MIPS data for 2022. 

As an Individual 

An individual is defined as a single clinician, identified by a single National Provider Identifier (NPI) number tied to a single Tax Identification Number (TIN). If you report as an individual, your payment adjustment is based upon your MIPS Final Score for the performance year. 

As Part of a Group  

A group is defined as a single Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) with two or more eligible clinicians (including at least one MIPS eligible clinician), as identified by their National Provider Identifiers (NPI). Eligibility is based upon the TIN, each individual clinician included in the TIN regardless of MIPS eligibility will have to report under the group. The TIN will receive a payment adjustment based on the overall group’s MIPS Final Score for the year. 

Use your EHR, a MIPS Registry, or DIY 

Individuals and groups can report their MIPS data directly to CMS using their TIN and/or TIN identification. They can also use their EHR system to send MIPS reporting. However, most practices choose to use a CMS qualified registry and many choose to use a MIPS advisor.  

Clients that use our advisory services score 22% higher than those that don’t, which means you may want to consider hiring a MIPS advisor for assistance no matter which way you choose to submit your reporting.  

Our MIPS advisors can help you identify reporting opportunities throughout the 200 available measures, helping maximize your score. In contrast, typical EHRs only report on 47 quality measures.  

HCIS Can Help You with MIPS Reporting Today 

HCIS’ MIPS advisors are ready to help you report from start to finish. We pride ourselves in being able to help practices of any type, size, or specialty. To learn more about our MIPS consulting services or to get started, contact us today.