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The Healthcare Innovation Solutions (HCIS) software and services portfolio enables the data-driven transformation of healthcare service delivery and helps providers and payers improve their bottom line and move from fee-for-service to value based healthcare.

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MIPS Provider Penalties Avoided ¹



MIPS Provider Incentives Earned ¹



Incentive Payments Earned by DSRIP Clients ²

¹ Based on 2017 MIPS Reporting for 2019, ² Received by providers involved in DSRIP

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Improve patient outcomes and drive more revenue to your bottom line.


Merit-Based Incentive Payment Systems

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Quality Improvement Program - New Jersey

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Jennifer D’Angelo
Jennifer D’AngeloSVP & General Manager
Once we take away the stress and walk administrators through the process, they come to see MIPS for what it is — a fantastic opportunity to earn money by improving their practices.
Patrick Cordes
Patrick CordesClient Services Coordinator
CMS adapts its reporting rules every year, and it can seem overwhelming to smaller practices or those reporting MIPS for the first time. In the quality category alone, there are 185 measures for the 2021 reporting year.
Sandeep Masih
Sandeep MasihManager, Business Development
After spending time on the provider side, I can see the value that our MIPS consultants bring to our clients. It's reassuring to know the team at HCIS has avoided millions of dollars in penalties and improved revenue for thousands of clinicians.

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