2022 MIPS Deadline is next March – HCIS Can Help

Do you have a Plan for Submitting? We can Help!

As a clinician, whether you are reporting as an individual or as a group, you have the option of submitting to MIPS via HCIS’s submission portal.  HCIS has been a Qualified CMS Registry for over a decade, and we’ve been helping clinicians navigate MIPS submissions since the program’s infancy. 

About our Platform 

HCIS is a Qualified CMS Registry, which means that we are empowered to submit data to the Merit-Based Incentive Program on behalf of any individual clinician or group that qualifies for the program.  This will eliminate the need for clinicians to submit directly to the CMS Registry, which both saves time and increases your likelihood of a better score. Our MIPS submission program costs $399 per clinician, and offers a variety of services to assist you in your submission.  These services include: 

  • Access to the registry for submission to CMS on all MIPS Categories 
  • Monthly Webinars 
  • Online Resources 
  • Self-help tools, and FAQs for successful reporting 
  • Helpdesk support – phone and email 
  • Measure selection guidance tools 

What We Offer 

HICS’s submission portal allows individual or group clinicians to submit to MIPS for any or all these three categories: 

  • Performance Quality – 30% of your weighted score –  Read More Here 
  • Promoting Inoperability (PI) – 25% of your weighted score – Read More Here 
  • Improvement Activities (IA) – 15% of your weighted score – Read More Here 

These categories make up 70% of your total MIPS score, and you are not required to submit in all three categories.  

Why Should I Submit?

For eligible clinicians, submitting MIPS is a requirement and the importance cannot be understated. Your MIPS score determines how you are reimbursed in years to come. Depending on your weighted score, you could earn up to a 9% positive adjustment in 2024; that would require a score of 89 or above. If your weighted score is below 75, your pay would be docked between 0 – 9% in 2024. However, if an eligible clinician chooses not to report for MIPS, there is a -9% penalty applied to that provider. 

Submitting to MIPS can be a long and convoluted process, which is why Qualified CMS Registries like HCIS serve to assist you throughout your submission. We encourage all eligible clinicians to view our portal and all other resources to ensure you achieve the best possible MIPS score. You can view our submission portal here