How HCIS Can Help You with Your MIPS Data Validation and Audit (DVA) 

Despite the 2022 MIPS Performance Year being well in the rear-view mirror, CMS is conducting their yearly Data Validation and Audit for PY22, known as MIPS DVA, starting this month through March 2024. This means that you may be contacted by CMS and asked to provide certain data from PY22. MIPS DVAs are not optional, and CMS requires that all eligible clinicians who are selected for a DVA must comply and submit whatever data is requested from them within 45 days of being notified. 

Who is chosen for a DVA? 

MIPS eligible clinicians who reported data for PY2022 will be selected at random by CMS for a Data Validation and Audit. Selected clinicians will be of all types and will have submitted data via a variety of methods, and may also include clinicians who did not complete a DVA in previous years. If selected, you will be notified by CMS via the email address associated with your Tax ID Number (TIN). 

What Might CMS ask for? 

The data being requested by CMS covers the Quality, Improvement Activities (IA), and Promoting Interoperability (PI) performance categories. There are approximately 40 measures and activities which have been identified by CMS as risk-prone and necessary for auditing. MIPS eligible clinicians and groups are required to provide substantive, primary source documents as requested by CMS. For your own sake, it is important to save all documentation from your PY2022 submission, especially in the Quality, IA, and PI performance categories. 

How do I submit my DVA? 

After you are contacted via email, you will be asked to submit information through a secure file sharing program or secure fax. You will be provided with additional information after being contacted. If you are unable to submit your DVA data, you may designate someone to submit on your behalf, including other office staff or contractors. CMS is working with the consulting firm Guidehouse, who will review your data and follow up with any questions they may have.  

Can HCIS Help? 

Absolutely! You can reach out to an HCIS MIPS advisor for help and guidance regarding your DVA data and submission. Please contact for inquiries and pricing. 

Other Resources 

Here are a few more resources available to you related to DVA: