4 Reasons to get ahead of your March 2023 Merit Based Incentive Program System (MIPS) Submission Deadline 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) deadline for MIPS Performance Year (PY) 23 submissions is April 1, 2024. It’s in your best interest to have your submission completed with time to spare. Here are four reasons why you should get ahead of the deadline: 

CMS released changes to ICD-10 codes last October. ICD-10 codes are assigned for possible diagnoses, symptoms, and medical procedures. A measure affected by this code change is considered ‘truncated’ or ‘suppressed’, meaning that the performance period for these measures is either shortened or eliminated altogether. 

To learn more about ICD-10 codes, which measures are affected, and how it may affect your MIPS submission, read the blog

2. There are different submission options that you can choose from 

Once the submission period begins, your practice will determine which submission type is best under your circumstances. In some cases, it may benefit a clinician to report as an individual (by NPI), while other times reporting as a group (TIN) may lead to the best overall final score and pay adjustment. 

The benefit of reporting as an individual is that you do not have to rely on the work of other clinicians when determining your data, ultimately making your Final Score representative exclusively of your own work. However, this means you are responsible for the MIPS reporting and submission process. For more about individual vs. group reporting, you can read the blog

3. You want to check for any errors or mistakes 

Since submitting for MIPS is a quite long, technical, and detail-oriented process, you’ll want to give yourself more than enough time to properly check for errors or mistakes. Details like file names, dates, measure codes, National Provider Identifier (NPI) and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) numbers need to be accurately reported for a successful submission. 

4. HCIS offers MIPS Submission and Consulting services for the 2023 Performance Year 

With seven years of experience as a CMS certified registry for seven years, our submission and consulting services have helped over 12,000 clinicians report for MIPS. 

Our MIPS advisors provide support in each key area such as measure selection, performance monitoring and optimization. HCIS offers these services tailored to your needs. Solutions include the support you need to guide practices through the quality, improvement activities, promoting interoperability, and cost categories of MIPS. With our flexible services we take pride in guiding clinicians to achieve the highest MIPS performance score possible. 

If you are a MIPS eligible clinician looking to submit for PY23, you have options to submit yourself or submit with our support. You can learn about these options here: Submission Services

If you’re looking for support with the MIPS data collection, reporting, and submission process, Consulting Services may be best for you! 

We also offer a combination of both services at a great price! You can learn more about HCIS, MIPS, and the services we offer by contacting us today