Two Keys to ensuring your QIP-NJ Submission Reflects your Hospital’s Performance Using Previous Year’s Data

For the fourth consecutive Measurement Year (MY), acute care hospitals throughout New Jersey will be submitting quality-based healthcare data to the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) as part of the Quality Improvement Program (QIP-NJ), which incentivizes hospital performance. The deadline to submit for QIP-NJ is late July 2024, and Healthcare Innovation Solutions wants to ensure that your hospital submits on time and accurately reflects the improvements you have made. QIP-NJ requires year-over-year improvement, with increasing targets for each Measurement Year. Here are a few key aspects to look for when analyzing your results from previous Measurement Years.

#1 Areas of Non-Compliance

The best way to check for potential improvements within your data is to review your MY2 results for any areas of ‘Non-Compliance’. For example, in the figure below, the ‘Numerator Designation’ category for any specific measure could appear as ‘approved,’ ‘N/A’, or ‘non-compliant.”

Consider that the Denominator Designation is ‘Approved.’ If the result is ‘non-compliant’ for any patient, then those values will come back as ‘invalid’ within the specific measure columns. These values determine the exact areas of non-compliance within your data. If these results are unexpected, double check your own data.

#2 Yearly Increasing Parameters

For QIP-NJ, targets change progressively year-over-year. The Department of Health expects all participants to meet the progressively increasing targets of reaching the statewide goal.

For this reason, as targets become more aggressive, areas of non-compliance that are easily rectified will help increase performance for future Measurement Years.

Luckily, HCIS has an advantage as we have meticulously analyzed the results of multiple healthcare systems. HCIS Consulting Services are a fantastic resource for all NJ hospitals, as our expertise of the QIP-NJ program will help you analyze trends in your data, correct potential issues, and assist in the submission process.

To learn more about what services HCIS offers for QIP-NJ, you can view the QIP page on our website and fill out our contact form.