Introduction to MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs) 

MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs) are the newest reporting option for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment Program in the 2023 reporting year. Here is a brief overview of how they work, and how they will affect next year’s MIPS reporting.  

What are MIPS Value Pathways? 

MVPs are a reporting option that offers clinicians a subset of measures and activities relevant to a specialty or specific medical condition. Beginning with the 2023 Performance Year (PY), clinicians can select, collect, and report on a reduced number of quality measures and improvement activities as compared to traditional MIPS. However, you are still required to report on the complete Promoting Interoperability (PI) measure set. CMS will collect and calculate data in the Cost Performance category and Population Health Measures. There are 12 MVPs currently finalized for PY 2023; they are shown in the following graphic:

Participation Options for 2023

Participation options refer to the levels at which data can be collected and submitted to CMS. This graphic shows which participation options are available for PY23: 

The new Subgroup option for 2023 is only available for clinicians reporting MVPs. Subgroup reporting is optional for PY23. Reporting through a subgroup may be an option for clinicians in a practice with multiple specialties to get better insight into clinical areas and performance for clinicians within a practice. 

MIPS Reporting Options

This table provides information regarding individual and group reporting, and what each type of eligibility means for your submission process: 

There will be more information regarding MVPs as we continue through the performance year, so please stay updated with our HCIS blog.

For more information regarding 2023 MIPS, and year seven of the Quality Payment Program (QPP), please view our latest on-demand webinar here