QIP-NJ Lunch & Learn: Tackling the Top MY3 Submission Challenges

For the past 4 years, Healthcare Innovation Solutions (HCIS) has partnered with many of the state’s eligible hospitals on their Quality Improvement Program – New Jersey (QIP-NJ) submissions. HCIS’s QIP solution has resulted in over $21M in incentive payments for NJ hospitals.

During this 30-minute Lunch & Learn live webinar, HCIS’ QIP experts will present on the top MY3 submission challenges and field your questions during the Q&A period.

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  • Measures Logic: Selecting the correct look back period for measures eligibility
  • Sampling Methodology: Creating a truly random sample
  • Validating the Submission File: Using correct data formats and understanding the changes in MY3 reporting
  • Resource Planning: assessing resource requirements to create and submit a high-quality, valid submission