MIPS in a Post-COVID EUC World

The MIPS COVID-19 EUC exception has expired – What does this mean for you?

Beginning in the 2020 Performance Year (PY20), CMS offered an Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstance (EUC) due to COVID-19 related circumstances. However, for the PY24, CMS is no longer accepting these applications.

Join our MIPS experts as they discuss the impact of this EUC removal, 2024 reporting dates and deadlines, tips for EMR-limited practices, and more!


  1. The impact of CMS’s removal of the COVID EUC
  2. 2024 MIPS reporting dates and deadlines
  3. Mid-Year check up on MIPS performance
  4. Tips and recommendations for EMR-limited practices
  5. Q&A

Your Presenters

Janelle Cosgrove, MIPS Client Service Coordinator

Zachary Slaff, Content Moderator