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We have developed partnerships and can introduce you to digital solutions that help you patient care and generating new revenue through turnkey delivery of value-based preventive care solutions. 

Solutions include but are not limited to web-based appointment reminder technologies (which help lower hospital readmissions), phone tracking and reputation monitoring (to ensure that physician’s online profiles are accurate), and online referral systems (to digital traditional word-of-mouth, patient-to-patient referrals).

Read more below and contact us to learn more about any of the solutions that interest you.

Western Medical Supplies
  • CareGPS

    CareGPS Health provides the "People, Process, and Technology" for the tactical execution of Medicare’s new office-based preventative care programs. It addresses gaps in care, reduces hospitalizations, lowers costs, and improves health outcomes for the senior population.

  • Booked.MD

    Online booking and appointment scheduling that provides with your patients a simple and intuitive way to request appointments. Only you can confirm appointments. You have complete control over your own schedule.

  • Reviews.MD

    Take control and manage your online reputation. You or your staff have a central dashboard to monitor online reviews. You can publish the best reviews to your website. Automatically.

  • ReferralVoodoo™

    ReferralVoodoo™ is a cloud-based application that makes it simple and easy to activate your existing customers to bring in new business. Now you can activate and reward your best customers to refer you to their friends and family.

  • CV Nexus

    CV Nexus organizes your online presence, then synchronizes that data throughout the web’s most popular directories. Search engines (and patients) have greater confidence in your practice when they trust the information as accurate and reliable.

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